In 2013, David inherited a much neglected Treasurer's office.  The previous City Treasurer being nothing more than a figurehead.  However, in less than 5 years, as the New City Treasurer, David has completely transformed the Treasurer's office and the City's Investments.

As City Treasurer, David has used his business savvy and financial expertise to renegotiate Hawthorne's banking fees, saving the city tens of thousands of dollars per year.  This lead to the eventual RFP for banking services and a contract with a new banking partner, saving the City thousands more.

As City Treasurer, David has authored the Investment Policy for the City, and has implemented a strategy to 10X the City's investment revenue, bringing in an estimated $150,000 in the first year alone.

David called out the corruption in the Finance Department, leading to the removal of the Finance Director. And as City Treasurer, David will continue to fight for transparency and accountability in the City's finances, as well as increased checks and balances between the Treasurer office and Finance Department


David is a Champion for Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility and Financial Transparency. 

As your City Treasurer, David is committed to:

- Growing the City's Reserves

- Keeping our Finance's Safe

- Working with the City Manager and Council to bring Economic Development to the City





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